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Perinorm Terms of Use

Please also take note of our general terms of use.

Our contract with Perinorm provides access to authorized users. These include:

  • Members of the University
  • Contract teachers and visiting lecturers at TU Berlin (for the duration of their contract/stay)
  • Other members of the University, students
  • Other library users with a valid library card

Searches in PERINORM (DIN, ISO, VDI standards and DWA set of rules) are only possible after logging in with an authorized user account. TU members (students and staff) cann access Perinorm from home via VPN

When accessing the collection of standards, you are required to observe the provisions of the German Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz). Any sharing of data in part or full not permitted by Section 53 of the German Copyright Act and other sections, whether via an electronic storage device, data transmission or paper copies, providing third parties with access to the saved data, as well as commercial distribution are prohibited.

Printing/saving to a USB stick: Authorized users may print out data obtained as part of their own research for exclusively academic purposes and/or save them on a USB flash drive.

Sending via email: The emailing of standards, in whole or in part, is not permitted.

The chat is currently unavailable.

Please use our alternative contact options.

Privacy notice: The TU Berlin offers a chat information service. If you enable it, your IP address and chat messages will be transmitted to external EU servers. more information