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... in the Primo Knowledge Portal

Here you will find hundreds of millions of articles and papers from various academic publishers, most of which are available in full text.  The focus is on English-language materials, but German-language articles are also included. 

Tip: If you are unable to find a paper in the Primo Knowledge Portal, search for the title of the journal the paper was published in. 

Primo Knowledge Portal

... in databases

Academic databases allow you to search for resources in a particular subject field or on an interdisciplinary topic. They contain journal articles, papers, book chapters, books, data, etc., including those which are not in our own holdings. The full text is also frequently linked. 

Our Database Information System (DBIS) helps you find the right database for your topic.

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Database Information System (DBIS)



... in academic search engines

An academic search engine like Google Scholar is a good place to start when searching for subject resources. You can easily conduct an interdisciplinary search for articles, papers and books and the full text is often linked. Unlike databases, however, these search engines offer a limited search function.

Tip: Click on the link “Cited by” located under the search result to find more recent literature on a similar topic. 

Google Scholar


Search for Open Access resources

Free online resources, or Open Access resources, are available to all users free of charge and without restrictions. These resources do not require a special license or membership. Find a list of platforms with free literature and our tips for searching for Open Access resources.

More about searching for free online resources

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