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Search in specialist and general databases

Were you unable to find literature or information about your topic in the Primo Knowledge Portal? Try one of the databases licensed by TU Berlin or an open database.

  • Databases allow you to search for specialist information outside of our library’s holdings.
  • Depending on the type of database, it may contain journal articles, book chapters, books, standards, data, statistics, etc.
  • Because of their subject focus and advanced search options, you can more easily tailor your search and find relevant resources. 
  • The electronic full text is linked for many of the search results.

How do I find the right database for my needs?

Use the Database Information System (DBIS) to find and access academic databases in your subject area. TU Berlin’s database highlights are listed under your subject discipline under “Top-Datenbanken.”

Important databases at TU Berlin

Web of Science

SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts)
Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

TEMA Technik und Management

Standards and regulations

TU Berlin publications and research data



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