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Express Document Delivery

Our Express Document Delivery Service (Express-Dok) is provided to TU staff who hold a valid library card. It allows you to procure journal articles and partial copies of books, which are not available in the holdings of the TU Berlin.

The service is made possible through cooperation with subito. With Express-Dok you can order journal articles and partial copies of books online straight from your desk.


There are no charges, all costs are covered by the University Library.

TU staff can place up to 50 orders per month(subject to further budget development of the University Library). Additional orders via this service are not possible. However, irrespective of the free TU Express-Dok service, subito's fee-based services can be used at any time.

The service is only available for orders of journal articles and partial copies of books, not for borrowing books.

Registration and Instructions

  1. To apply for an express document account, please contact us via email.
  2. As soon as an account has been generated for you, you will be informed by email.
  3. Please go to the subuser login of subito.
  4. Choose the TU Berlin from the pick list and enter your subuser number and password.
  5. Now you can place your order (without any additional "login") directly via the pick list "Search & Order" and subito will supply the article to your email address. When ordering partial copies from books, please select the button "Request book copy". Unfortunately it is not possible to order whole books.
    Hint: In the Knowledge Portal Primo and other catalogues there are often links to the tables of contents of books.  
  6. Delivery will be made electronically to your TU email address.

Please address complaints directly to the supplying library.

Express Document Delivery

Sefkat Sevim-GürdenizTel.: +49 30 314-76140

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