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Library Card for Guests and UdK Members

Joint library Card of the TU and UdK University Libraries

Guests (such as TU or UdK alumni, school students, or other persons/institutions) are also eligible to receive a joint library card for the Technische Universität Berlin (TU) and Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) university libraries. For students of the UdK, the Campus Card needs to be activated as a library card.

The library card is issued by the Circulation Department. Please note that you must provide an email address to be issued a library card. You can apply for the library card online (preferred) or alternatively in the library during our service hours. If you request a library card online, you will receive two confirmation emails - once after submitting the application form and once after your application has been processed.

Upon receiving the library card you can use it immediately to borrow items and create a user account to access our online resources.

Which documents do I need to submit when requesting a library card?

Who?Which documents?
All guests and UdK membersas proof of identity, a valid German ID ("Personalausweis") or passport plus proof of residence in Germany ("Meldebescheinigung")
Students of public universities in Berlin or Brandenburg including UdKstudent ID
Staff of the above universitiesproof of employment
Alumni of TU Berlin and UdKproof of membership in the TU or UdK alumni program
Society of Friends of the TU Berlinproof of membership
Institutions, companies, public authoritieswritten application (PDF, 251 KB)
School studentsschool ID
Persons under the age of 18Consent form signed by their legal guardian (PDF, 250 KB)
Persons with a disability and persons who are unemployed or eligible for welfare benefitsproof of eligibility for reduced fee

What does the library card cost?

Fees are regulated by the Framework Fee Regulations.

Members of a Berlin or Brandenburg public university or university of applied sciences
(Section1(2) BerlHG, Section1(2) BbgHG). Cooperative library cards are not offered.
free of charge
Members of the TU Berlin alumni program and the UdK alumni programfree of charge
Members of the Society of Friends of the TU Berlinfree of charge
Federal and state institutions and authorities of the Federal Republic of Germanyfree of charge
Primarily publicly funded institutionsfree of charge
Persons with disabilitiesfree of charge
School students or persons who are unemployed or eligible for welfare benefitscurrently free of charge
All other personscurrently free of charge
All other institutionscurrently free of charge
Replacement ID in case of loss5.00 EUR

What is the password for my library account?

You can access your library account via the Sign in link in the Knowledge Portal Primo.

Log in using your library card number and password.

You assign yourself the password for your library account at this point:

→ Login for TU staff & all other users → Forgot your password or first login? → Follow instructions

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Click on “Forgot your password?” to enter either your library card ID number or the email address linked to your account. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

You can also send an email to the Circulation Department: leihstelle((at)

What services does my user account offer?

Here you will find:

  • An account overview
    • Your loans (and renewal options)
    • Your orders and any holds (including the ability to cancel holds)
    • Your scan requests
    • Any fees charged
    • Your inter-library loans
  • The option to change your PIN
  • Your library card expiration date (and the option to renew)
  • Reasons why your account may be frozen
  • Your account email address
  • The option to save personal settings for Primo

How do I use a self-issue machine?

Scan the barcode on your library card. Your preset PIN is your zip code.

Is my library card transferable?

The University Library card is issued to you personally and is not transferable. If you are unable to come to the library and borrow items yourself, you can authorize someone to do so for you.

How do I issue a library card authorization for others?

To prevent misuse of your library card, you must issue a library card authorization stating the name, date of birth and address of the authorized person. The library card authorization must be current date and signed by you personally.The authorization is only valid for one transaction at a time and will be archived by us.

When do I need a library card authorization for others?

In order to borrow or pick up reserved items, the authorized person must show his or her identity card or passport and puts the authorization and your library card at the library.
We do not require your library card or authorization for returns.

What do I do if I lose my library card or change my name/contact information?

If you lose your library card, please immediately request the Circulation Department to freeze your account. You are liable for any misuse of your library card until your account is frozen. Inform the Circulation Department of any name or address changes by sending an email to leihstelle(at)

You request a replacement card online.

A 5-euro replacement fee is charged for lost or damaged library cards.

Attention: Students of the UdK apply for a replacement Campus Card directly at the UdK. More information

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