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Digitization Service

Items from the University Library’s collection that are particularly old, rare and in need of protection ("Rara") may only be viewed under special restrictions in the library rooms. 

For this reason the University Library is seeking to digitize these works. In this way, the valuable originals can be protected, while their contents can be offered online as part of the library’s Digitized Collections, where they are available to everyone, independent of time and place.

© Rachel Meyer, UB TU Berlin, CC BY 4.0

Digitization Proposal

Would you like free digital access to items in the University Library’s holdings which are out-of-copyright or out-of-print? Submit a digitization proposal!

© UB TU Berlin, CC BY 4.0

Digitization Request

If you require a digitized version of an out-of-copyright work at short notice or in high quality, you can submit a digitization request for a fee.

© UB TU Berlin, CC0

Digitized Collections

Here you can find digitized holdings (old and valuable books) of the TU Berlin, which are freely accessible online.

Katja Selmikeit+49 30 314-76117
Anabelle Spallek+49 30 314-76224

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