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Returning Items

Items from the Central Library

Items can only be returned to the Central Library during opening hours.

At the self-return machine in the foyer on the ground floor 

  • You can return your borrowed items here as well as print a return receipt.

At the return box

  • Items not accepted by the self-return machine can be returned to the return box, 
  • located directly to the left of the machine.
  • Your item will be recorded as returned shortly and you will receive a confirmation receipt via email.

By mail

  • You also have the option to return items by mail. Items are recorded as returned on the date they are received by the library. Borrowers are liable if the item is not received (see section 16 (3)  Framework Usage Regulations).
  • Please use the following address when returning items:

    Technische Universität Berlin
    zu Händen Leihstelle
    Fasanenstr. 88
    (im VOLKSWAGEN-Haus)
    10623 Berlin

At the Circulation Desk

  • Please return keys for book lockers to the Circulation Desk on the ground floor.

At the Information Desk on the 3rd floor

  • Please return keys for book storage trolleys to the Information Desk on the third floor.

Items from the departmental and subject libraries

  • Please return items to the library you borrowed them from.
  • In the Physics Department Library and the Architecture and Art Studies Department Library, returns are only possible during opening hours.
    In the Mathematics Library and the Economics and Management Library (DBWM), items from the holding library can also be returned outside opening hours via return box. 
  • You can return all items using the self-return machine or return box in the Central Library during opening hours or by mail.

Inter-library loans

  • Please return your inter-library loans using the return box to the left of the self-return machine in the foyer.
  • Make sure to include the accompanying loan slip when returning the items. Failure to do so will result in a 5-euro fee.
  • You can also return inter-library loans by mail.

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