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Ordering and Reserving Items


Books which are very old, valuable, or infrequently borrowed are kept in the closed stacks.

You can order these items or submit a request to view them via the Knowledge Portal Primo even without library card. Detailed instructions for ordering items can be found in our search tips.

It is also possible to order loanable items from the Open Access Area (1st-3rd floors of the Central Library, textbook collection, as well as department and special libraries). 

You will receive an email with collection details once your ordered items are ready.


You can reserve loaned items online in the Primo Knowledge Portal. Detailed instructions for reserving items can be found in our search tips.

You will receive an email with collection details once your reserved items are ready.


Loanable books from the Central Library, the department and special librariesDepending on the selected pickup location (see email with collection details)
Non-loanable items (reading room orders), Rare books, non-loanable interlibrary loansInformation desk on the 3rd floor
Loanable inter-library loans and audiovisual mediaCirculation desk in the Central Library

Is my library card transferable?

The University Library card is issued to you personally and is not transferable. If you are unable to come to the library and borrow items yourself, you can authorize someone to do so for you.

How do I issue a library card authorization for others?

To prevent misuse of your library card, you must issue a library card authorization stating the name, date of birth and address of the authorized person. The library card authorization must be current date and signed by you personally.The authorization is only valid for one transaction at a time and will be archived by us.

When do I need a library card authorization for others?

In order to borrow or pick up reserved items, the authorized person must show his or her identity card or passport and puts the authorization and your library card at the library.
We do not require your library card or authorization for returns.

Self-service collection area of the Central Library

How do I find my order in the self-service collection area?

You will find your requested items arranged on the shelf by the first two letters of your last name and the last four digits of your library card number:


  • Order for: Michael Tester, library card number: 169090123450  
    Shelved under: Te 3450
  • Order for: Karla nste, library card number: UdK123456789
    Shelved under: Kü 6789

Do I still need to check out books I collect from the self-service collection area?

Yes, please check out your ordered books using the self-issue machines.

How long do I have to collect books that I ordered?

 Orders from the stacks and reserved items are available for collection within five opening days. Items not collected by then will be returned to the shelves.

In addition to books, I ordered CDs and DVDs. Will these also be in the self-service collection area?

You can collect books you have ordered from the self-service collection area. If you ordered audiovisual media (e.g. CDs, DVDs) or other non-book items, you can collect these from the circulation desk.

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