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Financing for Open Access Publications in Journals

Funding conditions of TU Berlins Publication Fund

Please use project and third-party funding to finance publication fees whenever possible. If project or third-party funding is insufficiently or not available, you can apply for financing from the TU Berlin Publication Fund. Please be sure to observe your funding organization’s funding guidelines.

The TU Berlin Publication Fund is only used to finance Open Access fees. All other publication fees will not be covered (e.g. color charges, page charges, submission charges, fast track fee).

Funded articles are archived by the University Library in the TU Berlin repository DepositOnce.

Requirements for articles

  • The Open Access fees do not exceed 2.000 EUR. Please also note current exchange rates. Partial funding is not possible.
  • The article will be published under the Creative Commons license CC-BY (other CC licenses will only be accepted on compelling reasons).
  • The article should include an acknowledgment that it was funded by the TU Berlin Publication Fund when it is published: “We acknowledge support by the German Research Foundation and the Open Access Publication Fund of TU Berlin.”
  • The work must be completely or primarily related to the research activities at TU Berlin.

Requirements for journals

  • The article is published in an Open Access Journal. The journal has gone through a quality assurance procedure and is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
  • Fees for articles in hybrid (subscription-only) journals and mirror journals (Open Access offshoots to Closed Access journals) are not eligible for funding, even if they are listed in DOAJ.


  • Please submit the application for funding when the article is accepted by the publisher.
  • You will receive a prompt reply (usually within one week) informing you whether your article is eligible for funding.
  • As "corresponding author", you are responsible for payment of the Open Access Charge and a member of TU Berlin under § 43 Berliner Hochschulgesetz. Your affiliation with TU Berlin must be clear in the publication. Please observe the requirements of the TU Berlin Affiliation Policy (in particular naming TU Berlin as the first affiliation and providing your TU Berlin email address as the contact address).
  • Please provide your ORCID along with your application.
  • If your publication is the result of a project funded by the DFG, please include the project number with your funding application.
  • The publisher’s invoice must be addressed to your institute (institute name must come first) and include the following information: publisher’s VAT ID (Umsatzsteuer-ID-Nr.), TU Berlin VAT ID (DE 811 231 089), and additionally for foreign invoices, the net amount (without VAT/Mehrwertsteuer). Send the original invoice via email. The University Library will execute the payment.

Publisher Agreements

TU Berlin has cocluded memberships or contractual agreements with various publishers that simplify open access publishing. Some of theses agreements imply discounts fur TU members.

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