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Funding of Open Access Publication Fees for Articles in Open Access Journals

The TU Berlin publication fund supports TU members in financing articles in Open Access journals. Special conditions have been agreed for some publishers (see Publishing Agreements and Memberships). If your journal is not covered by this, you can apply for individual funding; the general funding conditions apply.

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By sending the form I consent to my data being electronically processed and stored and confirm that I have taken note of the data privacy statement of the library and the data privacy statement of the TU Berlin.

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The applicant commits to state the TU Berlin affiliation (see TU Berlin Affiliation Guideline) and to acknowledge funding by the publication fund in the publication.

Jana SchildhauerTel.: +49 30 314-76067
Michaela VoigtTel.: +49 30 314-76130

Processing of applications

Susanne TegchenTel.: +49 30 314-77564
Elisabeth MeckingTel.: +49 30 314-76242

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