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The Dissertation Service accepts the approved version of dissertations and post-doctoral theses (habilitations) from the TU Berlin and checks compliance with the formal and technical specifications. The team publishes the works, enters them into the appropriate bibliographic databases and issues the official acknowledgments of receipt.

For all other further information on doctoral degrees please contact your respective Faculty-Service-Center or the Center for Junior Scholars (CJS, formerly: TU-DOC Office for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Services) at TU Berlin.

Publishing Dissertations

According to § 9 (2) of the Regulations for Doctorates at TU Berlin, the scientific community must be given appropriate access to a dissertation after completing the scientific defense. 

"Access" means that the version approved by the Doctoral Committee must be delivered to the University Library free of charge in one of the following forms to ensure proper dissemination:

Cumulative Dissertations

For thesis by publication (cumulative dissertations), there are additional information.

Publishing Post-doctoral Theses (Habilitation)

The publishing of post-doctoral theses is subject to the regulations of the specific Faculty (in German only):
Habilitationsordnungen der TU Berlin

If the habilitation regulations of your Faculty require the post-doctoral thesis to be submitted to the University Library, please follow the checklist below:
Checklist for publishing a habilitation thesis

Current dates for information events

Lost in Dissertation?

Event series by FU, HU, TU and SBB for doctoral candidates from 09 to 13 October 2023. German only
Von der Literaturverwaltung bis zur Publikation. In mehreren Workshops erhalten Sie einen kompakten Überblick über die wichtigsten Aspekte zur Fertigstellung Ihrer Dissertation sowie weiterführende konkrete Informationen zu einzelnen Angeboten von FU, HU, TU und SBB für Promovierende.

Further Information

Dissertation Service of the University Library

Address Fasanenstr. 88
10623 Berlin
ConsultationFor requests we are at your disposal by phone and e-mail.
Jutta KruseTel.: +49 30 314-76128
Lisa BernsteinTel.: +49 30 314-76458
Delivery of printed copiesCirculation desk of the university library (central library, ground floor), Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00


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