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The University Library has a number of offers to help researchers make their research data available or publish their work as primary publication or self-archive their publications.

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Publishing Dissertations

If you are writing a dissertation or habilitation, the University Library Dissertation Service can provide detailed information and guidance on publishing your thesis.

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Financing for Open Access Publications

Interested in learning about financing your open access publications?
TU Berlin operates a publication fund for open access publications in journales and for open access books.

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Self-Archiving Services

Interested in republishing your already published work as an open access publication?
The University Library supports researchers to self-archive their work and assists with the clarification of legal requirements.

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Publishing Research Data

Interested in archiving your research data on a permanent basis or making data openly accessible?
The Servicezentrum Forschungsdatenmanagement (SFZ) advises on the management of data.

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