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Information About Publishing In Repositories

Operated by universities or research institutions, repositories allow scientific content to be archived and accessed. There are two types of repositories: institutional and disciplinary.

Repositories ensure documents are accessible long-term, unlike when published on personal or institutional websites.

Second publication in a repository takes places at the same time or following first publication. TU members can use TU Berlin's institutional repository – DepositOnce. Our self-archiving services can assist you with reviewing legal requirements.

We particularly recommend using disciplinary preprint servers for preprints, i.e. online publication before or at the same time as submission to a publisher. Preprints can also be published in DepositOnce.

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Examples of disciplinary repositories and preprint servers:

Subject areaRepository
Medicine, Biology, and related disciplinesPubMedCentral
Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, biology, Finance, and StatisticsarXiv
Psychology, Behavioral SciencePsyArXiv
Social SciencessocArXiv

Searching for (inter)disciplinary repositories

You can find an overview of relevant disciplinary or interdisciplinary repositories in the Open Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) and Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR).

The platform provides general information about Open Access as well as an overview of subject-specific information and disciplinary repositories.

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