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Publishing Dissertations online on DepositOnce


1. Preparing the 'approved version'

After the thesis defense (“Disputation”) please prepare the 'approved version' of your thesis. Decide, whether the research data of your thesis (e.g. measurement and survey data, laboratory values, audio-visual information, texts, software or simulations) should also be archived by TU Berlin and thus can be cited and re-used.

General legal information
FAQ: Research Data

2. Title page

Please insert a title page before your text as is required by TU Berlin regulations.

Title page template (PDF, 53 KB)

3. File preparation

Prepare the document for publishing.

Guideline for creating PDF/A or PDF/X files (PDF, 4,7 MB)
PDF/A optimization and postprocessing (PDF, 1.9 MB)

4. Registration on DepositOnce

Log on to DepositOnce, the repository for research data and publications of TU Berlin. This requires a registration with your TU-account. In case you do not have a TU-account or in case of questions, please contact us.


5. Transferring metadata

Submit the metadata and your file(s) to DepositOnce by completing the form "publish". Follow the instructions and provide as accurate information as possible. Carefully check the form „Deposit License“ that is filed at the end of the submission process and sign it.

Deposit-Lizenz (official German version) (PDF, 242 KB)
Deposit licence (unofficial English translation) (PDF, 225 KB)

6. Data check / preparation print copy

The Dissertation Office checks your submission and will contact you. After you got our confirmation you can prepare 1 printed copy of your dissertation:
The allowed formats are DIN A4, DIN A5 and intermediate formats. Pages can be printed on one or both sides. Please use white, age-resistant paper. The copies must be permanently bonded. Ring or spiral binding are not permitted.

7. Submission of print copy and Deposit-License

Please submit the printed copy and the Deposit License to the Dissertation Office (University Library). You may authorize another person to submit the documents or use postal services.

8. Acknowledgement of receipt

The Dissertation Office checks the submitted documents for compliance with the requirements and issues an acknowledgement of receipt, which serves as the basis for the issuance of the doctoral certificate by your faculty.

Further Information

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