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Checklist for publications on DepositOnce

To submit a publication to DepositOnce, the file should comply with certain formal requirements (including PDF/A format, PDF properties, PDF bookmarks – see instructions for details). Please remember to submit the signed declaration of consent (“Deposit License”). You will find important information about publishing on DepositOnce below.
Please also note the additional information on research data and dissertations.


1. File preparation

Prepare your PDF file for publication:
Instructions for PDF files (PDF, 0,9 MB)

In addition, please decide if the research data generated in the course of the publication (e.g. measurement and survey data, laboratory values, audiovisual information, texts, software or simulations) should be archived and made reusable and citable by the TU Berlin:
Information & Tips for Research Data

2. Registration on DepositOnce

Register for and/or login to DepositOnce. Users with a TU account can register with their email address. If you do not have a TU account or have questions about logging in, please contact us.

Publishing in DepositOnce - quick guide with screenshots (pdf, 1.82 MB)
Publishing in DepositOnce (Video, 7 Min.)

3. Transferring metadata

Submit the metadata for your publication to DepositOnce by using the red plus button to create a new submission. Then completing the form "Puplications". Read and follow the instructions and help texts provided in the form. Please provide as accurate information as possible. If you choose to use a free license, select it on the form. For open access publishing (Gold Open Access), we recommend the Open Access compatible CC BY license (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0).
Submit a new Publication
Creative Commons licenses

4. Deposit-License (publication agreement)

At the end of the submission form, the deposit license is provided as a PDF. Please sign it and send it to us. This is a publication agreement in which you grant the University Library the non-exclusive right of use for online publication. For open access publishing (Gold Open Access), we recommend the Open Access compatible CC BY license (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0). If you forgot to specify the CC license when submitting metadata to DepositOnce, the open access team will add the license as specified in the the deposit license.
Deposit-Lizenz (official German version) (PDF, 242 KB)
Deposit licence (unofficial English translation) (PDF, 225 KB)
Creative Commons licenses

5. Data check

The open access team checks the details you have provided and contacts you in case of any questions. For self-archiving, the open access team makes sure the publishers’ conditions have been met.

6. Release

When the signed deposit license arrives, the open access team approves the submission. You will be notified automatically by email.

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