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Information About the Current Situation in Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched an attack on Ukraine. The conflict remains ongoing. TU Berlin condemns Russia’s war of aggression. We have compiled a list of University resources for those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The Munich Public Library has also compiled reputable sources on current developments, links to more in-depth information, media tips on Ukraine, a compilation of offers of help and much more.


As the University Library we aim to counter the spread of misinformation and disinformation and provide you with reliable information sources. You should always critically assess your sources and their reporting. It may be necessary to fact-check each individual news item.

How to spot fake news - Information from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

Correctiv - Recherchen für die Gesellschaft: information about the war in Ukraine (in German)

Mimikama - Think first, then click (in German)

tagesschau fact finder - War on social media:  think first, then share (in German)

Information sources provided by libraries

PressReader, Der Spiegel and Genios

Would you like access to current magazines and newspapers? You can access Der Spiegel and other periodicals via the Association of Public Libraries in Berlin. Use PressReader and Genios to gain additional access to a number of different international and German-language newspapers and periodicals.

Register with voebb - Association of Public Libraries in Berlin  

Cost: EUR 10 per year

Fachinformationsdienst (FID) Slawistik

Search in datababases, bibliographies, and catalogs within the Slavistik Portal. You can find further information about FID Slawistik on the website of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz.

You can access full texts after registering with the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz.


Various databases of Eastern Europe studies are available through the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. These are either freely accessible or accessible following registration. 

Database information system of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich

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