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Coronavirus: FAQs on Current Services

You can find answers here to frequently asked questions.
Last updated: 10.06.2022

Use of Study/Work Places

I would like to study/work in the Library. What are the current rules and when is the library open?

TU Berlin continues to recommend all persons wear a medical mask (preferably an FFP2 mask) in all University buildings. In addition, please adhere to the applicable distance and hygiene rules. If you have cold symptoms (e.g., fever or cough), do not enter the University Library.

Central Library opening hours:

  • Monday – Friday, 09–24:00; Saturday, 10–24:00.

  • Please note the different opening hours of the open stacks for journals (ZFM): Monday – Friday: 09–22:00; Saturday, 10–18:00.

  • Please also note that the library will be unstaffed from Monday - Friday after 22:00 and Saturday after 18:00 and that services will be limited.

To the opening hours of the Architecture and Art Studies Department Library
To the opening hours of the Physics Department Library

I would like to study in a group. Is that possible?

Group study rooms and workbays are open again and can be reserved online by all TU and UdK students. An unreserved room or workbay can also be used by others if no reservation has been made.

To the instructions and further information

Do I need a library card to study in the library?

No, all persons get access. If you want to borrow something, please apply for your library card via our online form before your visit. For TU students, the TU student ID is also the library card.

I would like to take a break, is that possible?

Yes. Breaks of up to 60 minutes are possible. To do this, use our break disks.

Do I need to store jackets and bags in the foyer?

Bags and jackets may be taken into the building. However, you are also welcome to store your wardrobe in the day lockers in the foyer. You will need your own padlock for this.

Is it okay for me to bring drinks into the library?

Yes, you may bring drinks to the library in closed containers.

I would like to attend an online lecture. Is this possible in the library?

Yes, attendance at online lectures is permitted at all study spaces on the ground floor of the Central Library.


Can I have a new card issued?

Yes, but registration is only possible via our online registration form

I have borrowed resources from various department and special libraries. Can I return them to one location?

When returning items to TU and UdK University Library at Fasanenstraße, you must use either the self-return machine or the anonymous return box (for AV media and inter-library loans) in the foyer. Items from the department and special libraries may also be returned here or to their holding library. There is also an additional return box in front of the library that you can use outside of our opening hours.

Alternatively, you can return all items via post. The date we receive the items will be recorded as the date of return. You are liable for any loss or damage (see Section 16 (3) General Regulations of Use). Once we have processed your return, you will be emailed a receipt. If returning items by post, please send them to the following address:

Technische Universität Berlin
z.Hd. Leihstelle
Fasanenstr. 88
10623 Berlin

Contact & Further Information

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