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Customized Courses

We offer courses for students, teaching staff, researchers as well as school students and are happy to adapt the content to your group’s needs.

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Digital Teaching and Learning Materials

Find digital teaching and learning materials, such as online courses, lecture notes, lecture recordings and more. We have put together a selection of relevant portals for online teaching and studying.

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Book an Advising Appointment

You need more in-depth and specialised assistance on how to find or manage resources for your research question? Schedule an appointment with us.

Self-Learning Material

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Fit for Literature Search

Find out how to quickly search and find literature, how to order books and papers via interlibrary loan and how to search for papers in databases.

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Reference Management Overview

How can reference management tools support scientific work and research? Find videos, exercises and other materials on Citavi & Zotero and find out out which programm suits you best.

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Online Tutorials

Short videos on library use, how to search for resources and reference management

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Coffee Lecture Videos

Recordings of past Coffee Lectures on topics such as searching for resources, reference management, and copyright

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