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Using the University Archives

You must arrange your visit to University Archives in advance either by phone or in writing. Please provide detailed information about the purpose of your visit to help us research and prepare in advance.

Use of TU Berlin University Archives holdings is subject to the Berlin Archival Law (Archivegesetz des Landes Berlin - ArchGB) of 14 March 2016 (Federal Gazette 2016, 96). The General Terms of Use and Supplementary Administrative Provisions for the TU Berlin and UdK Berlin Libraries and Documentation Centers of 21 August 2006 also apply. Further laws and regulations may also impact use of the archives.

University Archives is open to anyone conducting scientific research, contributing to the enlightenment and understanding of history and the present as well as anyone wishing to safeguard their legitimate concerns or requiring information for legislative, judicial, or administrative matters.

Please note the following:

  • Personal archival records may only be used in compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Use of records that are still subject to the legally prescribed 10-year protection period (ArchGB, Section 9 (2)) requires special permission from the University president, to be requested in a letter. 
  • Reproductions of documents may only be made if there are no legal or conservation concerns.


Room H 4029
Address Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin
Opening Hours
Tue + Thu9:00 - 16:00
Mo - Wedby arrangement


List of reproduction fees in TU Berlin University Archives

Section 12 Libraries, archives, and museums of the TU Berlin Framework Fee Regulations (Rahmengebührenordnung TUB - RGebO) of 14 December 2018 forms the basis for fees for reproduction services at TU Berlin University Archives.

Reproduction of archive materials per page for printouts, scans, copies, and photographs€0.50 to €20.00
Working copies 
DIN A4-copy€0.20
DIN A3-copy€0.40
DIN A4-printout of digitized holdings, per side€0.40
DIN A3-printout of digitized holdings, per side€0.80
Delivery charge (postage + packaging + data carrier (if applicable))Depends on materials and type of delivery

Written information provided by University Archives

Please make note of the following fees for expert services pursuant to the implementation provisions agreed by the TU Berlin Executive Board regarding the use of libraries, archives, and museums at Technische Universität Berlin of 4 April 2019:

  • TU Berlin University Archives provides expert research in a number of areas, including as a list of resources for your topic.
  • These services are fee-based.
  • Extended research of archival documents, €20.00 for every 30 minutes
  • Extended research for scientific and artistic purposes as well as purposes serving the interests of TU Berlin, no fee

Citing archived materials

Guidelines for citing University Archives holdings

Full citation:
Universitätsarchiv der Technischen Universität Berlin, location call number and name, item call number
e.g.: Universitätsarchiv der Technischen Universität Berlin, 001 Rektorat der Technischen Hochschule Berlin, Nr. 1

Abbreviated citation:
UA TUB, location call number and name, item call number
e.g.: UA TUB, 001 Rektorat der Technischen Hochschule Berlin, Nr. 1

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