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Tasks of the University Archives

University Archives assesses and archives documents produced by the University administration, faculties, institutes, and other units at Technische Universität Berlin as well as its predecessor institutions. University Archives is responsible for determining whether records are of archival value and which can be disposed of.
Records of archival value, that is long-term historical value, are acquired and permanently stored. University Archives maintains a record of all files and makes these available for scientific research and teaching as well as the public.

What are records?

Recordings from activities in the Central University Administration, faculties, institutes, academic chairs, and other units at Technische Universität Berlin for the purpose of fulfilling tasks. The type of recording and physical composition can vary and may include digital or audio-visual items.

Specifically, this includes files, single documents, relevant regulation and organizational materials (such as file directories, registry plans, organization charts or schedules of responsibilities), government documents, enrollment records, films, audio-visual material, certificates, posters, pamphlets, maps, plans, card indexes, files and parts of files, machine-readable data carriers and other storage media, information saved to these devices, programs to assess this information, as well as other material and aids. This also includes museum collection items such as medals and gowns.

Source: Angelika Menne-Haritz, Schlüsselbergriffe der Archivterminologie. Lehrmaterialien für das Fach Archivwissenschaft, Marburg 1992, p. 56

What are records of archival value?

Records of archival value include analog and electronic records which have a lasting value for the history and development of Technische Universität Berlin as well as those whose storage is indispensable to safeguard the legitimate interests of third parties or to provide information for Technische Universität Berlin, or which must be permanently stored due to legal regulations.

Assessment encompasses University Archives' determination whether submitted records have archival value.

Further areas of work:

  • Advising regarding analog and electronic records management for TU members
  • Tours with various focuses for TU members and external visitors
  • Acquisition and archiving of scientific bequests of former University members
  • Advising for visitors
  • Answering written and telephone inquiries


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