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Digitized Course Catalogs 1874–1950

The collection of course catalogs from TU Berlin and its predecessor institutions is one of the most important sources for research on the history of the University. Its value is all the more significant as the destruction of the Main Building of Technische Hochschule Berlin in November 1943 included both its archives and administrative files, with the exception of just a few shelf meters. Similarly, the faculty and institutes’ administrative files as well as their research and teaching documents covering the period from 1879 to 1945 were largely destroyed during the war. The remaining course catalogs are often the only source of information about the former teaching staff and the organizational structure of the university as well as its curricula and courses.

The following course catalogs have been digitized:

  • Königliche Bauakademie zu Berlin 1874 to 1879 (incomplete)
  • Königliche Gewerbeakademie zu Berlin 1878 to 1879 (incomplete)
  • Königliche Bergakademie zu Berlin 1901 to 1916 (incomplete)
  • Technische Hochschule Berlin 1879 to 1945
  • Technische Universität Berlin 1946 to 1950
  • Technische Universität Berlin, beginning winter semester 2009/2010

The course catalogs are available as PDFs.
As a rule they are equipped with optical character recognition (OCR). However, original documents covering several years were in poor condition, preventing their digitization with OCR: 1879–-80 to 1886-87, 1888–89 and 1946–48.

The entire course catalog holdings (Bestand 707) can be viewed in University Archives by appointment.

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