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The University Archives' mandate encompasses not only traditional physical documents but also digital artifacts. Focus here is placed on electronic files and specialized procedures (databases). However, websites, unstructured data collections (such as photo collections) and emails may all be of archival value and thus digitally archived.

The OAIS reference model is the professional standard for digital archiving. The Open Archival Information System encompasses six functional entities: ingest, archival storage, (meta)data management, access, preservation planning, and system administration.

In 2016, the TU Berlin Executive Board approved funds for a project position to design and develop the technical and organizational infrastructure of the Digital University Archives in compliance with OAIS guidelines.

University Archives is currently storing electronic documents in a provisional archive. You can securely send your electronic documents to University Archives using the program IngestList, which can be downloaded here. The program will guide you through all necessary steps.

Important: In order to run IngestList on your computer, you require a Java Runtime Environment. You can download this for your operating system.

Once installation is complete, you can move the program to your preferred location on your computer and start it by double-clicking on the file IngestList.jar.

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