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Sugar Technology Special Collection

The Sugar Technology Special Collection encompasses valuable historic literature on cane and beet sugar, the sugar industry, and the holdings of the former sugar technology department library.


  • The Sugar Technology Special Collection is part of the Central Library’s holdings and can be found in the Primo Knowledge Portal.
  • You can conduct a topic search in one of the 24 subject categories.
  • For historical purposes, the card catalogs which were previously used have been preserved:
    • Alphabetical card catalog on the second floor of the Central Library and the sugar library electronic card catalog
    • Subject card catalog on the second floor of the Central Library to search by topic
  • Digitalized holdings: An increasing number of the sugar technology holdings are being digitalized. These can also be found using the subject categories as well as in the digitalized collections.
  • The 713 volumes repatriated from Kiev are integrated into the collection.

Subject categories in the Sugar Technology Special Collection

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