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The Deutsche Gartenbaubibliothek e.V. maintains special holdings in University Archives. Although they consist of primarily archival material not traditionally recorded in library catalogs, these special holdings are an exception and were recorded in the Knowledge Portal Primo at the end of 2020 and can also be searched specifically via the picklist 'Horticultural Library'. Over a number of decades, more than 13,800 German- and foreign-language brochures, essays, articles, lectures and other texts, from the early 19th century to the recent past, have been compiled to form an ever-growing collection. 

The majority of the items are shorter printed publications. The collection also includes quite extensive offprints as well as typewritten reproductions. Many of the publications are deposit copies by authors. In addition, individual issues of various periodical titles were also indexed, which are not recorded in the Primo Knowledge Portal, but nevertheless contain technically relevant articles. Donations of special print collections from horticultural institutes in Hanover and Dresden-Pillnitz have contributed significantly to supplementing the holdings of the German Horticultural Library. 

The collection spans a wide range of topics including all branches of practical horticulture and garden design through to garden art. Professional, political and economic aspects of horticulture are also covered. A remarkable number of the publications address plant diseases, plant protection, and fertilization. Numerous guides inform gardeners, amateur gardeners, allotment gardeners, and settlers about traditional and the latest conventional and organic cultivation methods, as well as storage, product processing, preservation and nutritional aspects. 

Following a decision not to split up the collection once compiled, the holdings now also include non-specialist subjects. As such, in addition to writings on basic horticultural research, users can discover resources from neighboring disciplines such as botany, agriculture and nature conservation, architecture, art, settlement policy, zoology, and even prehistoric research. 

Overall, the collection offers a remarkable picture of horticultural and social developments against the backdrop of historical circumstances and a growing understanding of ecological interrelationships. 

Special conditions apply when using these holdings.

The holdings were indexed through funding provided by the Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin foundation.

Requesting Special Holdings

You can request the special holdings on horticulture via a form after researching them in the Knowledge Portal Primo.

Requests are generally filled within one workday and can be used in the Information Center on the first floor. You will receive an email when the items are available. The offprints will remain available for seven workdays.

Please bring your TU Berlin/UdK library card or your personal ID/passport.

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