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Digitized Historical Garden Literature

Link collection created by the Deutsche Gartenbaubibliothek e.V.

A number of institutions worldwide are increasingly digitizing historical books, including a significant number of gardening books, and making these available online. While it is fairly easy to search for a specific title online, it is difficult to gain an overview of all digitized garden literature. On the one hand, there is a lack of general awareness of the host institutions. Furthermore, searches often do not offer a suitable function for finding all holdings related to horticulture.

Unfortunately, a central portal listing the digitized holdings of all institutions does not yet exist. The Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK) enables users to search for certain titles. However, the links it provides are often unhelpful because the digitized holdings are not available or incomplete. As a result of this situation, the Deutsche Gartenbibliothek e.V. volunteered to put together a collection of links to only fully accessible digitized holdings. In the event that several catalogs link to the same title, it has provided the most useful link. This link collection is protected by copyright pursuant to Section 87 UrHG.

This offer was initially published on the Deutsche Gartenbibliothek e.V. website. Sylvia Borgmann of Hamburg is responsible for the layout. 

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Deutsche Gartenbaubibliothek e.V.

The link lists are organized by type of media:

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