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German Horticultural Library

The German Horticultural Library is the largest special library for gardening literature in Germany. This special collection, which now comprises more than 55,000 volumes, originated from the holdings of the Library of German Horticulture, presented to TU Berlin in 1965 as a permanent loan by the library's association, now Deutsche Gartenbaubibliothek e.V.

In addition to current technical and educational literature, it offers an outstanding wealth of historically valuable sources in all areas of horticulture, such as handbooks on fruit varieties, vegetable and ornamental horticulture, garden architecture, and related fields. Resplendent engravings and plates, the Pomological Library and the closed collection of periodicals, which began in the late 18th century, are special features of this collection. 

The German Horticultural Library is continuously expanded, made available to the public, preserved as a cultural asset, and digitized with the support of the Deutsche Gartenbaubibliothek e.V.. All holdings are cataloged in the Primo Knowledge Portal and are publicly accessible. Users can search for monographs by subject category

Special holdings such as exhibition and nursing catalogs, a horticultural card catalog (Zander-Kartei), and other historically valuable documents are located in the archive room in the Open Access area of the German Horticultural Library. These can be viewed by appointment.

Address Fasanenstr. 88 (im VOLKSWAGEN-Haus)
10623 Berlin
opening hours
Archive room BIB 113aby appointment

Contact persons

Horticultural Library

Dr. habil. Clemens A. Wimmer

+49 30 314-76149

Deutsche Gartenbaubibliothek e.V.
Deutsche Gartenbaubibliothek e.V.

The German Horticultural Library is located in the Central Library.

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