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Special Departments and Collections

© Felix Noak

Museum of Architecture

The Museum of Architecture of the Technische Universität Berlin holds a collection of drawings, prints and photographs related to architecture, predominantely by 19th and 20th century Prussian architects.

© UB TU Berlin, CC BY 4.0

German Horticultural Library

The German Horticultural Library is the largest special library for gardening literature in Germany. It provides the current literature on the subject as well as an outstanding collection of historically valuable sources.

© D. Grahl, UB TU Berlin / CC BY 4.0

University Archive

The University Archive of the TU Berlin is the historical archive and final archive of the university.

© Philipp Arnoldt

Dissertation Service

The Dissertation Service accepts dissertations approved by the doctoral committee as part of the scientific defense and “Habilitationsschriften” (post-doctoral theses) on behalf of the University Library. It acknowledges the receipt, publishes the theses, and enters them into the appropriate bibliographic databases.

© UB TU Berlin, CC BY 4.0

Sugar Technology Special Collection

The Sugar Technology Special Collection encompasses valuable historic literature on cane and beet sugar, the sugar industry, and the holdings of the former sugar technology department library.

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