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Special Rules for Rare Books/Old Prints

Rare books are, as the name indicates, particularly rare, old, or valuable books. Such books need to be handled carefully to ensure they are preserved. As a result, the rules regarding the use of rare books are significantly stricter than for other holdings. We thank you for your cooperation.

Rare books may only be used on site. They cannot be borrowed.

Information Desk 3rd floor

+49 30 314 76301

Holdings in the Central Library

Rare monographs and periodicals are located in the closed stacks and must be ordered through the Primo Knowledge Portal:

  • Orders submitted by 15:30, Monday to Friday, are processed by 17:00 the same day.
  • Orders received after 15:30, Monday to Friday, are available the next opening day.
  • Orders received after 15:30 on Fridays or over the weekend are available beginning at 10:00 on the first opening day of the following week.

Ordered media can be collected from the 3rd floor. Please make your way directly there. You must use the reading space next to the Information Desk on the 3rd floor when handling rare books. This is available for use during opening hours. You may be required to use additional aids provided by the library such as foam wedge book supports.

To collect ordered items from the Information Desk, you must present your personal ID or passport. Your name and address with be recorded on an issue form. By signing the form, you confirm receipt of the books.

When you return the items, a staff member from the Information Desk on the 3rd floor will sign a confirmation of receipt in front of you. The library staff will return the items to the stacks. Upon request, you can receive a receipt for returned items.

Items are reserved for your use for one week at a time. You can extend your reservation five times. Please speak with the Information Desk on the 3rd floor to extend your reservation.

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