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Our Mission Statement

University Library Mission Statement

The University Library is the central information facility at Technische Universität Berlin. We are committed to the University’s mission and goals.

We are proficient in all issues related to the procurement and provision of media and information, in print as well as electronic format. Furthermore, we are a qualified resource for publication processes and archiving. We campaign for Open Access, that is, free access to academic information.  With our work we support all University members in their studies, research and teaching, and allocate our resources in a balanced way. As the largest library specializing in technology and natural sciences in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, we are also open to the public and other institutions.

Our customers stand in the forefront of our work. We enable top-level technical access to our full range of sources for academic information from throughout the world – either in our customers’ own workplaces or at our library in a pleasant and well-equipped environment for learning and working. We make sure that media items of all kinds are efficiently provided and made accessible. We foster our customers’ skills in searching, finding, evaluating and managing literature and information. We offer personal and individual advising and impart our specialist knowledge in a respectful and cooperative manner. We are friendly and helpful.

We are committed to the idea of being a service provider. We are open to new developments and approach all matters with a goal and solution-oriented mindset. In order to fulfill our tasks at a high level, we continuously further our education and training. We treat one another with trust, appreciation, reliability and respect. We engage in an active and goal-oriented exchange of information at all levels.

As executive staff members we act in a responsible, targeted and transparent way. We promote skills and the ability to act independently. We pay particular attention to optimal staff deployment, efficiency, achieving goals and compliance with quality standards, and create the framework conditions required for this purpose. We criticize in a constructive manner and express our appreciation.

Cooperation with other facilities or persons is a crucial element for our success. In cooperative partnerships we are open, reliable and constructive, never losing sight of our own goals and interests.

We readily face competition and implement appropriate management tools to constantly improve quality and develop what we have to offer. Our goal is to deliver our service in such a way that we are the natural partner of all members of TU Berlin for all matters related to the field of information.

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