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AccessibilityThe library is not fully accessible. Please contact us a few hours before your visit.


  • Collection: architecture, civil engineering, art
  • Textbook collection: for the above subjects
  • Holdings: 138,000 items, 240 current periodical subscriptions

Services in the Architecture Department Library

Features and other Services

  • Accessible work space
    Includes a height-adjustable table and large monitor
    Please note that our library is not fully accessible. Please contact us a few hours before you plan to visit so that we can ensure you have access to all items.

  • WiFi Access

  • Computer workstations and Multimedia PC with Internet Access

  • Lockable book storage trolleys
    These can be freely moved throughout the library and allow you to store borrowed materials in the library.
    Check trolley availability

  • Baskets to carry items in the library

  • Chargers and other equipment

  • Returning borrowed items outside of opening hours
    If you would like to return materials when the department library is closed, you can return them to the Central Library at Fasanenstraße 88 instead.

Shelving and classification of holdings

The following subjects are located on the 1st floor:

ALL - General information
ARC - Architecture
ARL - Archeology
BAU - Civil engineering, structure engineering
DE - Art and monument structure engineering
GEB - Buildung design
IKO - Iconography
INN - Interior decoration
KAT - Museum and collection catalogs (holding catalogs) as well as exhibition and autction catalogs
LBS - textbook collection
MUS - Museum studies and collecting
STA - Urban planning

On the 1st floor there are also the journals. They are arranged alphabetically according to their title. Issues of a current year are located behind the magazine flaps near the Information Desk.

The following subject are located on the 2nd floor:

AK - General art history
BUMA - Book painting
INV - Academic (art) guides, hirstoric buildings and monuments of art, inventories, monument topography
K - Individual artists (artist monographs)
PORT - Portrait/caricature
T - Topography
THEF - Theater and celebrations, etc.


You can currently scan free of charge.

The scanner in the Architecture Department Library allows you to scan in color (maximum DINA A3) in 300 dpi or 600 dpi resolution.

Signing into the scanner

  • with a TUB account (members of TU Berlin)
  • without registration via the button "Anonymous"
  • as a guest (username: gast) Do not enter anything in the password field.

Saving scanned media

  • Save to a USB stick
  • Send via email
  • Save to tubCloud (TUB account required)

Instructions and further information


Printing is available for a fee.

TU members can pay for printing and copies through their print@campus account. Money can be charged to the account during the service hours in the Copy Center in the Central Library.

Instructions and further information

Advising appointment

We are happy to help you find the information you need in TU Berlin's holdings, catalogs, databases, and online portals for architecture and art. Please tell us your topic or area of focus in advance. 

Appointment: Please make an appointment by phone or email.
Phone: +49 30 314-22414

Unfortunately, the library is not fully accessible. If you use a wheelchair, please call to make an appointment and arrange further details.


Book display

Book displays are literature collections on a certain topic compiled by the Technische Universität Berlin University Library. You can find our book displays both online and on site in the Central Library and department libraries.

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