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MY-CO SPACE in the Central Library

Until 27.06.2023, the MY-CO SPACE fungal sculpture was on display in the central atrium of the Central Library. You were invited to visit, enter, and explore the sculpture during opening hours. There was even a workspace where you could study or work.

The MY-CO SPACE project

MY-CO SPACE is an inhabitable wooden and fungal-based structure which invites us to reflect on and investigate more sustainable forms of work and life on our planet. The sculpture, built of a supporting wooden frame covered with 330 fungal panels, was designed with the aim of making life in a small space (similar to a space capsule) and co-habitation with fungi tangible. It was constructed with organic materials making it biodegradable.

The sculpture was built for the open air exhibition “tinyBE Living in a Sculpture,” which featured eight inhabitable sculptures by artists from Germany and abroad in Frankfurt's Metzlerpark and other public spaces in Darmstadt and Wiesbaden from 26 June to 26 September 2021. The temporary habitability of the sculptures in public spaces throughout the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main metropolitan region served as a contribution towards a new form of artistically free ideas for new modes of life. Visitors were not only able to explore the artwork during the day but also had the opportunity to book an overnight stay.

MY-CO SPACE is the product of interdisciplinary ArtSci collective MY-CO-X in Berlin which focuses on the enormous potential of fungi (mycota in Latin) with generous support from Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin University of the Arts, the Berlin University Alliance, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, and tinyBE.

Members of the ArtSci collective MY-CO-X (2021): Vera Meyer, Angely Angulo Meza, Bastian Schubert, Bertram Schmidt, Birke Weber, Carsten Pohl, Christian Schmidts, Dimitra Almpani-Lekka, Kustrim Cerimi, Lisa Stelzer, Sven Pfeiffer.

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