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Language in the Age of Technology at the University Libraries of TU Berlin and UdK Berlin

An exhibition exploring “Language in the Age of Technology” consisting of several interactive installations will open in the rear atrium of the University Libraries of TU Berlin and UdK Berlin on 17 November 2022 at 15:00. You can visit the exhibition until 4 February during opening hours. It commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of poet, literary scholar and educator Walter Höllerer, who taught at TU Berlin from 1959 to 1988.

The exhibition is a joint project of students from TU Berlin and UdK Berlin. It was made possible by the Society of Friends of the TU Berlin e.V. and funds from the Berlin University Alliance. The Chair of Literature and Science at TU Berlin is responsible for the content.

Walter Höllerer at TU Berlin - the years 1959 to 1973 - an exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Walter Höllerer

The poet, literary scholar and educator Walter Höllerer, who was born on 19 December 1922 and died on 20 May 2003, would have been 100 this year. Walter Höllerer was a person very much in the public eye, especially during the period covered by the exhibition. His ability to switch between the roles of writer, literary scholar, critic and organizer of literary events was unique, as was his capacity to develop synergies between them. For Höllerer, literature became a medium of critical transfer between science, art, and society. He turned Technische Universität Berlin into a stage for contemporary literature. Also, the chair to which Höllerer had been appointed in 1959 adopted a program with the formula “Language in the Age of Technology,” which opened up literary studies in the direction of a comprehensive analysis of the present using language as a guideline.

Text, space, sound

The exhibition was designed and realized as part of a joint project of the master's programs Stage Design and Scenography (TU Berlin, Faculty VI), Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (UdK Berlin) and Theory and History of Science and Technology (TU Berlin, Faculty I). Together with members of the research project “Object Space Agency” at the “Matters of Activity” Cluster of Excellence at HU Berlin, the students also developed an experimental VR installation based on Walter Höllerer's novel The Elephant Clock

Four themes, four teams

The aesthetics of suddenness
Spatial installation and dramaturgy: Ramona Hufler, Helena Palmer, Lena Mehner; Sound: Özgür Yilmaz

Authorship as a system of symbols
Spatial installation and dramaturgy: Ise Lee, Diellëza Zogaj; Sound: Haydan Dean

Cybernetic Poetry Booth System
Spatial installation and dramaturgy: Siwei Cai, Nikolai Korypaev; Sound: Salomé Lubczanski, Makoto Oshiro

Spatial installation and dramaturgy: Omar Sherif, Lina Wittfoht; Sound: Germaine Png

Seminar instructors:
Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian von Herrmann (TU Berlin, Literature and Science)
Prof. Kerstin Laube (TU Berlin, Stage Design and Scenography)
Hans Peter Kuhn (UdK, Sound Studies and Sonic Arts)

Christiane Lünskens (TU Berlin)

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