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The "New Right"

What is meant by the term "New Right" and who is behind it?

Are old traditions being continued under new guises?

What dangers does it pose?

We have put together literature examining these questions and other aspects and topics of the “New Right” such as anti-genderism, conservative revolution, and online culture wars. Possible answers are offered as to why the Internet plays a crucial role in facilitating the expansion of networks and the spread of conspiracy theories, making their propaganda socially acceptable. In addition, the collection provides a fascinating insight into how successfully these new strategies are evolving through the digital age and how fears and concerns in crises are instrumentalized by the "New Right" to portray themselves as "saviors of the people."

Our research on this topic was triggered by an incident at the Tempelhof district central library, where several books critical of right-wing social tendencies and biographies of Socialist activists were torn and destroyed. We were deeply shocked to hear about this and would like to support library director Boryano Rickum’s call for raising pro-democracy awareness.

The selected titles are just a few of our holdings on the above topics. Many books are available in TU Berlin’s Center for Research on Antisemitism Library (ZfA).

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