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Hybrid book displays

You can view and borrow items from both the hybrid book displays in the library as well as the digital displays in the Primo Knowledge Portal, where additional online resources about each topic have also been compiled. 

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Comics in the world of science

For many, learning means one thing above all: text, text and more text. But there is another way: more and more authors and illustrators are also dealing with complex scientific issues in the form of comics and graphic novels. Our book display offers a selection of such titles from the fields of mathematics, physics, philosophy and history, as well as biographies and basic works of comic theory. You can find it online and on the first floor of the Central Library next to the information desk.

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Climate Change: Sink or Swim?

Is eating meat or flying on holiday something we have to feel bad about? What impact does our lifestyle have on climate change? Is it possible to lead a sustainable or more sustainable life without sacrificing some things? What can we or do we need to do to combat the climate catastrophe?
Our selection of literature provides inspiration, arguments, facts, and possible solutions.

You might also want to take a look at our book display “Verkehrswende - Mobility Transition,” which is available as a digital collection as well as a small selection of physical books near the information desk on the second floor.

A three-lane road, probably highway, with heavy traffic. In the background are traffic signs and a few trees. © CC0 Public Domain

Mobility Transition

Traffic jams, air pollution and high consumption of fossil fuels - these are the realities of today's traffic, which is also characterized by use of many private cars. But does it have to be like this? The “mobility transition” is intended to bring about a wide range of changes, with factors such as sustainability and a higher quality of life playing an important role.

We have put together a book display with literature to help you find out about how the mobility of tomorrow can be designed and exactly what goals this can help achieve. You can visit our book display online or on the 2nd floor of the Central Library next to the Information Desk.

You might also want to take a look at our book display “Climate Change: Sink or Swim?” which is available as a digital collection as well as a small selection of physical books near the information desk on the second floor.

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Many people are concerned about the situation in Ukraine and there is a great need for reliable information. To help meet this need, we have put together some titles from our holdings dealing in a narrower or broader sense with the ongoing war in Ukraine as well as its background. We are also presenting some literary works by contemporary Ukrainian authors. Unless otherwise stated, printed books can be borrowed as usual.
You can find the book display online or on the third floor of the Central Library next to the information desk.

Digital book displays

Digital book displays are temporary reading lists about a topic. These include both digital and printed literature available through the TU libraries and contain full title descriptions, location details, and online access information. The digital book displays can be found in the Primo Knowledge Portal under the heading Collection Discovery.

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Renewable Energies

In Germany, all nuclear power reactors are to be shut down by the end of 2022. But how can it be ensured that energy consumption will be covered? Germany is aiming for a sustainable energy supply. This means using an increasing amount of renewable energies - making the energy "clean" - and at the same time contributing to improving the climate.
This book display contains a selection of literature presenting the different renewable energies.

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Herman Bang

Celebrated as an author and journalist, persecuted as a homosexual: Herman Bang (1857–1912) is now regarded as one of the most important representatives of literary impressionism. In his native Denmark, he was subject to ridicule and hostility during his lifetime. He found an artistic exile in liberal Berlin at the turn of the century.
We have compiled literature about and by Herman Bang to accompany the exhibition "Herman Bang and his Fasanenstraße island - a Dane in Berlin."

© CC0 Public Domain

The "New Right"

In this collection we have put together literature examining the aspects and topics of the "New Right" such as anti-genderism, conservative revolution, and online culture wars.

© R. Fischer, UB TU Berlin, CC BY 4.0

Turning Old into New – Sustainable Building

Saving resources and re-using existing (building) materials? Sounds like a great idea! Our digital book display featuring items from the Architecture Department Library tells you everything you need to know about adopting sustainable building.

© Wikimedia Commons CC0 Public Domain

Women in computer science

The mathematician Ada Lovelace was an important contributor to the development of computer science in the 19th century. She is regarded as the world’s first computer programmer. During World War II, it was almost exclusively women who worked as programmers, leading software development to be considered a women’s profession. Over time, the proportion of women in computer science careers has changed. Like many other technical fields, computer science is currently dominated by men, both in academia and industry. However, even today the percentage of women in computer science varies greatly from country to country. Here you’ll find a selection of media written by female computer scientists.

© Architekturmuseum TU Berlin, Inv. Nr.: 46762


For centuries, castles have served to protect people, and to this day it is impossible to escape the diversity and fascination of these early, imposing buildings. If you want to be carried away into the world of castles and marvel at the most diverse buildings, you don't have to travel across the country to do so - a trip to the Departmental Library of Architecture is absolutely sufficient for a journey of thoughts and images.
We would like to thank the Architekturmuseum for providing the beautiful castle drawing.

© CC0 Public Domain

Homosexuality Around 1900

During the time of the German Empire, homosexuality was socially frowned upon. Section 175 of the German Penal Code, introduced in 1871, (re)criminalized sexual acts between men. At the same time, a social movement advocated for the liberalization of homosexuality. During this turbulent time, the Danish writer and journalist Herman Bang also lived in Berlin, where he found greater freedom as a homosexual man than in his own country. On the occasion of the exhibition "Herman Bang and his Fasanenstraße island - a Dane in Berlin," we have compiled literature related to gender discourses at the turn of the century.

Thementisch Hesse © T. Katzmareck, UB TU Berlin, CC BY 4.0

Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse is one of the most celebrated German authors of the 19th and 20th centuries. 2022 marks the 145th anniversary of the birth of Hesse, who died 60 years ago. He is best known for his novels Demian, Steppenwolf, Narcissus and Goldmund, and The Glass Bead Game. Recurring themes in his work are self-knowledge, the search for self and faith. This questioning of one's own identity, spirituality and religion is most clear in his work Siddhartha, which was published exactly 100 years ago.
In addition to novels, Nobel Prize Laureate Hesse also wrote many poems, which were later set to music as songs. He also painted and drew thousands of watercolors and maintained a lively correspondence with famous personalities and friends including Thomas Mann as well as his readers.

© CC0 Public Domain

Climate Change: A Global Challenge

In this virtual collection, you will find media about the causes and consequences of climate change as well as various solutions to counteract climate change.

© R. Fischer, UB TU Berlin, CC BY 4.0

Building with Wood

Building with wood encompasses a variety of approaches and options. Together with our books, we dive into the world of timber construction. In this collection, you will find both digital and printed literature.
We also invite you to take a look at the book display at the Architecture and Art Studies Department Library.

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Mental Health

We have put together several resources on the topic of mental health, including the background and underlying causes, strategies and resources, and mindfulness and awareness.

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Career entry and career planning

Are your studies coming to an end or have you recently graduated and are wondering what comes next?
This media collection provides a selection of guides on career entry and career planning in academia and business or as a freelancer.

© N. Malige, UB TU Berlin

Digital Worlds

This collection gives you an overview of the many areas in which digital technologies are used and influence our lives. The literature encompasses visions, current trends, and also critical debates.

© Bundesarchiv / CC-BY-SA 3.0

100th Birthday of Walter Höllerer

Walter Höllerer, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2022 on December 19th, taught at the TU Berlin as a professor of literary studies from 1959 to 1988. In particular, he was involved as a promoter and mediator of literature with a focus on modern poetry that incorporates the technical zeitgeist into literary discourse.

© J. Howard Miller / CC0 Public Domain

International Women’s Day

A great deal has been achieved but there remains much to do. In this selection of literature, you will find a small sample of the eventful history of feminism - from the rights that have been fought for to the glass ceilings that need to be broken as well as topics of debate and trailblazers.

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