Socio-Ecological Transformation

Winter Semester 2019/2020 Courses

Sustainable Consumption (ALBA-P6)

Content: Why do we consume? What options do we have to save or share resources? What can we do as individuals to practice sustainable consumption? What framework conditions and incentives are required for different forms of sustainable consumption to flourish and establish themselves in society? The Sustainable Consumption (Nachhaltiger Konsum) seminar combines the fundamentals of consumer research and consumer behavior on the one hand, and the concerns of sustainable development on the other. It addresses the relevance and the concept of sustainable consumption, identifies actors and basic strategies (efficiency, consistency, sufficiency) and presents the opportunities and limits of sustainable consumption in key areas of demand. Using the LOLA method (Looking for Likely Alternatives) as well as methodologies of research-based learning, students independently examine selected innovative model projects of sustainable consumption, which they then present to the entire group.

Consumption and Society – Digitalization and Sustainability

Content: “Everything will change!” This prophetic statement from the IT industry has now become a common assessment of the impact of digitalization. But what does digitalization mean for ecology and justice? Will it lead to a smart green world where we will all benefit from technological progress and treat the environment more carefully? Or are we heading towards a digital turbocapitalism, where power and wealth are in the hands of just a few people and the economy continues to expand beyond planetary boundaries? In this seminar, we wish to analyze how the digitalization of energy and resource consumption impacts consumer patterns as well as the opportunities digitalization presents for sustainable individual actions and a sustainable society.