Socio-Ecological Transformation

AI Empowered Sustainable Urban Mobility Platform – AISUM

The AI Empowered Sustainable Urban Mobility Platform (AISUM) research project aims to develop a mobility platform for smart and environmentally friendly urban transportation in Berlin. Using machine learning, the platform will enable intermodal public transport for the first time, also incorporating car, bike and scooter sharing. As a result, users will have comprehensive access to reliable and comfortable transport that is also sustainable, low-noise, and low-emission. The project was implemented as a cooperation between TU Berlin (the Chair of Socio-Ecological Transformation led by Professor Tilman Santarius) and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Sociology of the Future of Work led by Professor Philipp Staab; project leader) and HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences (Data Science and Analytics led by Professor Helena Mihaljević) as well as other partners from industry. The Chair of Socio-Ecological Transformation was only involved in the preliminary phase of the project (1 April 2020 until 30 September 2020).

Its work during this phase of the project included research on the state of the art of ecological assessments of various means of transport and various CO2 compensation providers.

Members of the research project at the Chair of Socio-Ecological Transformation