Socio-Ecological Transformation



Call for Action - Get involved in Bits & Bäume 2022!

Following the great success of the first Conference in 2018, the next big Bits & Bäume Conference will take place in Berlin between September 30th and October 2nd, 2022!

You are a media pro or have organisational skills? You are technically gifted or can make people dance? You know how to make big events more inclusive? You are a sustainability or digitalisation expert or want to become one? In any case: We need you! We invite the sustainability and tech scenes to think about environmental policy, climate protection, democracy, civil rights and social justice on a global scale and combine it with sustainable digitalisation. Collectively, we want to discuss the following questions (among others) on panels, in workshops and open spaces:

  • How can digitalisation processes be designed to contribute to a sustainable transformation of society?
  • What does a globally, economically, socially and ecologically just future look like in the digitised world?
  • What can we as a tech community (bits) and justice and environmental movement (bäume) learn from each other?
  • And how can we become politically active together?

We need you!

There‘s lots to do: For a kick-off evening followed by two full days we expect 2,000 people to get together at Technische Universität Berlin (the format may change due to pandemics, hybrid events will also be scheduled). The program will be compiled by climate-, digital-, environmental-, development- and network policy-activists, scientists, trade unionists, creative and common good entrepreneurs as well as policy makers. The conference will grow out of the engagement of all these groups and movements.

Therefore, we invite you to become part of the organising group!

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