Socio-Ecological Transformation

Jens Bergener




Room MAR 1.031

Jens Bergener is a research associate in the project „Green Consumption Assistant

"Green Consumption Assistant" and is responsible for the area of behavioral and effectiveness research. He has a Master's degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology and is interested in interdisciplinary approaches to promote sustainable consumption and a social-ecological transformation.

His master's thesis explored how digital delivery platforms promise more time to their users while reorganizing consumption and everyday practices such as food delivery.

Prior to joining the department, Jens supported the work of the junior research group „Digitalisation and Socio-Ecological Transformation“. Together with Tilman Santarius, he researches the impact of digitization on the acceleration of the pace of life.

Research Areas

  • Sustainable consumption
  • Sustainable digitalization
  • Practice Theory
  • Time practices and acceleration of the pace of life


Journal articles (peer reviewed)

Bergener, J., & Santarius, T. (2021). A Pace of Life Indicator. Development and Validation of a General Acceleration Scale. Time & Society.


Conference papers (peer-reviewed)

Santarius, T., & Bergener, J. (2020). Does the Use of ICT speed up the Pace of Life? Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on ICT for Sustainability, 107–115.