Workshop on successful mobile working at TU Berlin

Workshop: Organizing mobile working in your team

A workshop has been developed on the basis of the introduction of the Mobile Working Staff Agreement at TU Berlin. The workshop is part of the package of measures in the project "Etiquette and Cultural Development Within the Context of Mobile Working." This offer aims to support managers and teams with implementing mobile working in their unit.

If you are interested in a workshop with your team, please contact Alexander Moritz.

The offer


  • This workshop aims to facilitate communication and expectations between managers and their teams to ensure no one's concerns remain unaddressed.
  • It provides a facilitated space for negotiation to clarify confusion and expectations before possible misunderstandings require mediation.


  • This is an internal workshop during which your team discusses how to organize mobile working with the help of a facilitator.
  • 1-2 sessions, 90-120 minutes each, including a follow-up to reflect on the implemented arrangements if necessary
  • Workshop dates are arranged together with your team.

Who will facilitate the workshop?

  • Coordinator and contact person for the project Etiquette and Cultural Development: Alexander Moritz, advisor for organizational development, Office of the Vice President for Administration


Alexander Moritz

Advisor for Organizational Development

+49 30 314-73946

Workshop content

Focus 1

  1. Information about the staff agreement (What exactly does it/does it not call for? How does it impact our workflows?)
  2. Questions about the staff agreement are collected from the team (possibly in advance) and answered during the workshop
  3. Concerns and fears/opportunities as well as benefits of mobile working from the perspective of managers and employees

Focus 2

  1. norming: Stimuli and a checklist for the development of a cooperative culture within the context of mobile working at TU Berlin/in the team
  2. "This is how we will do it": formulating arrangements/agreements in the team (possibly in writing)
  3. Result: Team poster on mobile working in the unit