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Mobile Working at TU Berlin

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear TU Members,

In the past months, many of you indicated your interest in continuing to partially work from home or elsewhere outside of TU Berlin after the pandemic has ended. Your input encouraged us to move forward with negotiations with the staff councils regarding mobile working.

In late June 2021, we signed an agreement which allows you to work a maximum of 40 percent of your monthly working hours away from the University. The exisiting agreement regarding teleworking continues to apply.

This new agreement and how it is applied will change our entire working culture. It offers advantages to TU Berlin as an employer and significantly improves employees' flexibility in organizing their workday. In particular, this agreement will improve our profile as an employer. We all benefit when employees find greater satisfaction in their work here and strengthen their commitment to TU Berlin. Of course, you also personally benefit from the time gained by no longer needing to commute. You can spend your time more valuably instead of in a cramped train.

Mobile working also introduces many new challenges, such as team management. More than ever, communication and mutual understanding will be key to effective teamwork. It will be necessary to balance staff's personal wishes on the one hand as well as the requirements and demands of TU Berlin on the other. This is a learning process we must embrace.

I ask that you view this instrument as a promising opportunity for us all.

On this page we will provide general information about mobile working as well as regularly publish any updated information.

Professor Dr. Christian Thomsen
President of Technische Universität Berlin

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Information Letter from the Executive Board

At the end of June, the Executive Board and the Staff Councils at TU Berlin signed an agreement on mobile working. The University would now like to inform all staff members in more detail and explain the general framework conditions for this new instrument.

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Our regularly updated FAQs provide answers to key questions about mobile working.

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New working culture

Mobile working is based on mutual understanding and trust. In an interview, Uta Gliem, director of the Executive Office, explains the philosophy behind the new agreement.

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Greater flexibility

Whether it’s saving on commuting times, the need for digital etiquette, or flexibility in organizing their day, TU members share what mobile working means to them.