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Mobile Working at TU Berlin

With the TU Berlin/Staff Council Agreement on Mobile Working, Technische Universität Berlin as an attractive employer aims to offer its employees the possibility to work flexibly in terms of time and location. Mobile working makes it possible to perform official duties without having to be present at the official place of employment, that is, without being bound to a specific location.

Prerequisites for mobile working are goal and result-oriented participation and good leadership. Communication, cooperation and a solution-oriented approach on both sides form the basis for successful mobile working. Read the information on this webpage to learn more about the TU Berlin/Staff Council Agreement on Mobile Working.

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Our regularly updated FAQs provide answers to key questions about mobile working.

Advice and support offers for the implementation of the service agreement in everyday work

Flexwork stands for a flexible work culture characterized by location-independent working, flexible collaborative schedules, and decentralized work organization. Following the implementation of the TU Berlin/Staff Council Agreement on Mobile Working, the Agreement on Teleworking, and the Agreement on Flexible Working Hours, teams at TU Berlin alternate working on campus, digitally, or in hybrid format.

All staff at TU Berlin are part of this flexible work culture. Team flexwork aims to provide all employees at TU Berlin with diverse offers and tailored information so that they can establish an effective and productive flexible work culture comprised of work on site as well as remote and hybrid working.

The program for managers, employees and teams includes various formats such as workshops, courses, coaching, training, handouts, guidelines and mediation for the individual implementation of a flexible working culture at TU Berlin.

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New working culture

Mobile working is based on mutual understanding and trust. In an interview, Uta Gliem, director of the Executive Office, explains the philosophy behind the new agreement.

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Greater flexibility

Whether it’s saving on commuting times, the need for digital etiquette, or flexibility in organizing their day, TU members share what mobile working means to them.