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International Affairs

Stories from Around the World

Participants of the 2019 Summer University in the dome of the German Bundestag © Yash Preet

Building Satellites and Developing Computer Games in the Heart of Berlin

“It was the best experience of my life – and the best thing about it was the people I met in the courses,” says Pedro from Costa Rica. Technische Universität Berlin’s Summer and Winter University offer the opportunity to take courses in natural sciences and technology and make lifelong friendships with international students.

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Traveling to Israel Patient and Calm

"My tip for students who currently want to go abroad? Make sure you have a lot of patience! And remain calm. It is incredibly difficult to predict anything in advance as the situation changes rapidly." TU Berlin student Maja Denisova is spending a semester abroad in Tel Aviv during the pandemic and reports on her experiences there.

Three women © Janine Rülicke

New Ideas from All over the World for TU Berlin

“There are many different ways to tackle the same problem, and a completely different approach might yield better results. That was a very important lesson for me,” says Nadja Wisniewski. She spent a week at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology as part of the staff mobility program. Now she is sharing what she learned with her colleagues at the University Library.

Abdul Alzuab © Philipp Arnoldt

“I Learned that I Can Be at Home Anywhere.”

Abdul Alzuabi has arrived – in Germany, in Berlin, at Technische Universität Berlin. In 2016, he took part in the In(2)TU Berlin program for refugees. Just four years later, he has completed his master’s degree in Civil Engineering and is about to start his professional career.

Desert © TU Berlin/ZAA

Adventure in the Desert

Crossing the desert in a pickup truck, camping under the stars, and a look at the most highly developed optical instrument in the world, located 2600 meters above sea level in Chile: All this was part of six students’ experience participating in the module “Astronomy and Astrobiology in the Atacama Desert”.

Six persons. Student embassadors © Uta Konopka/DAAD

Student Ambassadors from TU Berlin

Kaunas, Mexico City or Santa Barbara: Approximately 20 TU Berlin students are part of a campaign titled “weltweit studieren - ERLEBE ES”. As correspondents, they offer a look at student life abroad and share valuable tips for other students, taking the fear out of the adventure of a semester abroad.

Global responsibility

Group picture: Alumni of the El Gouna campus © Michael Asaad

New Strategies for El Gouna

“El Gouna is a unique pilot project not previously attempted by any other university,” says Christina Stahlbock. The managing director wishes to raise awareness of the potential of TU Berlin’s satellite campus on the Red Sea.

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The "Global South"

In a new strategy paper, TU Berlin has committed its support for work with the Global South. Six cooperative research projects have already been awarded funding.

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“ENHANCE“ - A Joint Campus for Europe

His idea caught on immediately: In September 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron called for the creation of at least 20 European universities by 2024. TU Berlin is one of them. Together with six European partner universities, it succesfully took part in the second call of the European Commission’s “European Universities Initiative”.

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