Teaching in Entrepreneurship at Top International Level

Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) profits from a combined three-fold approach of teaching and research in the field of entrepreneurship together with University-internal start-up support with a focus on technology-oriented spin-offs. In addition to conducting research on entrepreneurship, TU Berlin also incorporates know-how and the latest findings into its teaching program. This knowledge is also directly applied in support for start-ups and is thus simultaneously tested for practical suitability. These three approaches to entrepreneurship therefore complement each other.

Among other Chairs, the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management researches and teaches at top international level on issues such as the success factors relevant to the founding of a company in today’s world, the framework conditions that influence founders and how sustainability aspects can be continuously considered. Entrepreneurship, innovation management and sustainability are investigated from a range of different perspectives.

You can find further information on the website of the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.


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High output of specialist publications and international research projects

Professor Dr. Jan Kratzer is responsible for the research undertaken in this area. As a sociologist, Kratzer has published several books and research papers on the factors that drive sustainable innovations and start-ups. His research focuses on social sustainability, social networks both online and offline, as well as the human side of innovations. In addition to heading the academic chair, he also jointly runs the University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Charlottenburg Campus together with Karin Kricheldorff.

By the end of 2020, the academic chair had already produced more than 45 dissertations and more than 60 research publications, including books and publications in academic professional journals. The Chair’s established international network is of particular benefit to the exchange between students while also facilitating international cooperation in research.

Master’s degree in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

The Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability (IMES) program offered by Professor Dr. Jan Kratzer is the most sought-after entrepreneurship master’s program in Germany. More than 1000 prospective students apply each year for 50 places, requiring an intensive selection process for those whose qualifications meet the admission requirements. There is a relatively high proportion of international students studying in the program and women are also better represented than in other programs at TU Berlin.

A period of studying abroad is also an integral part of this dual master’s program. Most students spend two semesters in Berlin before moving on to do two semesters in Twente, Warsaw, Moscow, Trondheim or Saint Petersburg. Lectures and seminars take place in English only and students successfully completing the program are awarded a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability along with a master’s degree from the partner university they attend.

Graduates are much sought after as the program prepares them to work in the full spectrum of entrepreneurship. Many graduates become entrepreneurs themselves, others remain in academia and go on to write a doctorate but they are also well situated for a career in business.

You can find further information on the website of the study program https://www.imes.tu-berlin.de/home/overview/.

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