EINS - an Open Space for Sustainable Innovation

The coworking space EINS at Ernst-Reuter-Platz is one of many TU projects dedicated to start-ups and makes a major contribution to raising public awareness of the University´s support for new business ventures

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Network, Sustainability. This acronym, which also spells out in German the center´s address at Ernst-Reuter-Platz, reflects the vision which the University wishes to pursue at its new start-up center EINS on the Charlottenburg campus. The center focuses on innovative start-ups, networking with key players in Berlin and sustainability. EINS is an important platform for innovation in entrepreneurship located in the heart of Berlin. Start-ups with social and ecological impact as well as an economically viable business model are provided with outstanding support for the early stages of their development. EINS, which is located directly on Ernst-Reuter-Platz, also provides an excellent infrastructure. The ground floor of the former Mining and Metallurgy Building (Willy-Kreuer-Bau) was converted to house EINS. It provides 1000 square meters of floor space with 80 work stations. There is also a prototype workshop, the Maker Space, where tech-entrepreneurs can develop their product prototypes using 3D printers, CNC milling machines and laser cutters. Other facilities include offices and seminar rooms, a café and an event space for 199 people.

Interest in start-ups among TU members provided the catalyst for EINS

The new coworking space was opened at the end of 2019. This represented a new milestone in the support of start-ups at TU Berlin and set an important precedent for the future. The Executive Board established the center in response to the increasing interest in start-ups at the University. Spaces for start-up activities were already available in the Centre for Entrepreneurship and at the Ackerstraße campus. For staff and students at academic chairs there are also a number of “start-up islands” - spaces provided by the chairs for aspiring entrepreneurs requiring access to special machines and labs. The University now has the opportunity to greatly develop its start-up infrastructure at a high-profile location and can draw upon years of experience in supporting budding entrepreneurs.

The Centre for Entrepreneuship (CfE) is responsible for the new coworking space.

EINS focuses on sustainability and provides space for discussion and networking

Entrepreneurship and technology transfer projects are brought to life and put into practice at EINS with a three-fold sustainable impact – economic, ecological, and social. The focus on sustainability is particularly important at EINS, which provides support for ideas to tackle global challenges pursuing the principle of “High-Tech for Triple Impact”. The University is committed to its goal of sustainable development and supports the United Nation´s Sustainable Development Goals. EINS enables researchers to use networking formats, such as joint events, to present their findings to key players from business, politics and civil society and thus create social added value by developing entrepreneurial solutions for the challenges of the future.

EINS was made possible by funding from BAföG, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the EU, as well as generous private donations

The development of the project was made possible by BAföG funding from the State of Berlin which became available as a result of the takeover of BAföG by the federal government. Further funding was provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy´s EXIST program, with money for the design and equipping of the rooms coming from the European Union (European Social Fund). Additional financing was donated by private individuals and concerns including Volksbank Berlin.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Network, Sustainability – the University´s concept of a triple-impact for spin-offs is provided with a new dimension by the EINS start-up center. The vision of high-tech start-ups for the benefit of society is being put into practice at the coworking space at Ernst-Reuter-Platz. The project also increases public awareness for this approach.

Office AM1, Abt. VA
Address Hardenbergstr. 38
10623 Berlin