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Entrepreneurship at TU Berlin

Start-up support at TU Berlin

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Support Offers for Start-Up Projects

Technische Universität Berlin was awarded the title “EXIST Entrepreneur University” by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and continues to build on its strong position as the university with the most start-ups in Berlin-Brandenburg. But how does the University specifically help start-ups?

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Start-Up Support and Transfer

A combination of academic teaching, excellent research, and service offers for start-ups generates high potential for innovation and transfer and makes Technische Universität Berlin stand out in the area of entrepreneurship. What exactly is the University’s approach?

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Teaching in the Field of Entrepreneurship

Technische Universität Berlin profits from a combined approach of teaching and research in the field of entrepreneurship, University-internal start-up support, and a focus on technology-oriented spin-offs. All of this is combined into the Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability degree program (IMES).

Stories from start-ups and entrepreneurs


“Out of the Gully”

TU Berlin researcher Daniel Venghaus is developing URBANFILTER as a system to clean street runoff water in gullies. The first filter has been in operation on Berlin’s Clayallee since the start of 2022 to test out its efficacy in a real environment over the course of the seasons.

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codary - Learning to Code Through Play

TU start-up codary aims to teach kids and teens how to code. "Students who want to learn to code often do not have the opportunity to do so in school." says TU alumna Antonia Schein, who founded codary together with fellow alumna Amanda Maiwald and Nikolaj Brewer.

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DexLeChem - Sustainable Chemistry from Berlin

Sonja Jost is an alumna of Technische Universität Berlin and set up DexLeChem to revolutionize the chemistry industry by making it sustainable. She discovered a process for manufacturing medicine by replacing petroleum-based substances with water.

Podcast and Videos - Start-ups up close

akvola Technologies - Environmentally-friendly solutions for industrial wastewater

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UVphotonics - Highly-efficient ultraviolet LEDs for a green future

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Start-up locations on the Technische Universität Berlin campus

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EINS Start-Up Center on Ernst-Reuter-Platz

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Network, Sustainability. This acronym, which also spells out in German the center’s address at Ernst-Reuter-Platz, reflects the vision which the University wishes to pursue at its new start-up center EINS on the Charlottenburg campus.

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One Year of EINS

Karin Kricheldorff, head of the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) at TU Berlin, looks back on one year of the EINS start-up center and speaks about the link between transfer and start-up support.

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Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) Contact

Office AM1, Abt. VA
Address Hardenbergstr. 38
10623 Berlin

Entrepreneurship on campus

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