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TU Berlin Vaccination Program for Staff and Students

Since 11 June 2021, staff and students at TU Berlin have had the opportunity to receive a coronavirus vaccination at a designated medical practice in Berlin. Please use this opportunity to protect yourself and others, so that infectious ideas are the only thing we spread at our university.

Appointments are possible to make via

All other details regarding your appointment and the address of the vaccinating practice, etc. will be communicated via Doctolib.

TU Berlin recognizes the vaccination slot and the time required to travel to and from the cooperating practice as working time. Travel costs, however, will not be reimbursed. If you are scheduled to work at the time of your slot, please inform your supervisor of your absence in advance. Any vaccinations at other practices or vaccination centers are not recognized as working time.


Appointments available at TU Berlin for booster shots

In cooperation with the Neisinger & Team medical practice, TU Berlin is offering further appointments for the first, second, and booster vaccination against COVID as well as vaccinations for children ages 5-11 on its campus from 15 January to 27 February 2022. The offer is open to all students, employees, and the public: From 10 to 19:30 each Saturday and Sunday, you can speak with the medical team and get vaccinated in the University's Main Building, room H 2036. Please make an appointment using Doctolib.

Make an appointment at:

If you have any questions about the appointment or vaccination, you can send an email to: impfzentrumtuberlin(at)

Please note:
Both BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna are available for the booster shot. However, more appointments with Moderna are available due to the greater number of dosages on hand. If BioNtech/Pfizer is not shown when booking your appointment, it is no longer available. Additionally, depending on demand, appointments for the first and second coronavirus vaccination will also be made available.

    Further vaccination offers

    Reasons to get vaccinated against the coronavirus: seven TU members share why they chose to get vaccinated

    TU Berlin Student Ahmed

    “I'm vaccinated because I would like to lead a normal life again with as few restrictions as possible. I've been studying for two semesters and haven't really experienced TU Berlin and campus life. And honestly, it's time we are able to have a normal everyday student life.”

    TU Berlin Student Katharina

    “I'm vaccinated because I feel the risk of a COVID-19 infection and its long-term effects are much greater than the risk posed by a vaccine developed and tested by scientists. By being vaccinated, I can also reduce the risk of infection for others and myself.”

    Professor Dr. Juri Rappsilber, Chair of Bioanalytics

    “I'm vaccinated against COVID-19 because learning (and teaching) is a process that is more effective when as many different forms of experience are integrated. Bioanalytics is a very lively discipline. Our investigations revolve around life; we look at vital processes with new analytical methods. This includes testing things out together. But it also includes new teaching and learning methods. In the past months we have experimented with a lot of digital formats. A great deal can be done more effectively using these formats, but not everything. I personally would like to be part of my students' journey of discovery. I would like to see how their eyes light up. And I would like to be able to read their faces to better understand when I need to provide further support.”

    TU Berlin Student Anna-Lena

    “I'm vaccinated because at the end of the day and after the pandemic, I would like to say I did everything to protect others and myself – above all with the aim of being able to go to the university again, learn and study together, hug each other, and have fun together without feeling guilty.”

    Erhard Zorn, deputy director of TU Berlin's Innocampus

    “I’m vaccinated against COVID-19 because I believe the vaccine is our only chance to be able to return to a normal life where as many people as possible are protected. This is why I am also willing to get vaccinated again or even yearly, if necessary. We are all responsible for the health of others - particularly those who are unable to protect themselves. Recognizing this is a challenge to our egos, but a challenge we can meet.”

    TU Berlin Student Tim

    “As a student, I'm vaccinated against COVID-19 to show solidarity with our society. Additionally, I personally would like to return to a normal life after the pandemic. I want to get together with friends at the university, meet other students, and have a student job that allows me to move out from my parents'.”

    TU Berlin Vice President Hans-Ulrich Heiß

    “I am vaccinated against COVID-19 because I believe vaccination is the simplest form of protection that will allow University operations to resume. Legendary university parties, the success of our project laboratories, and high-quality research infrastructure clearly reveal that our university life takes place on campus. This is why I would like to resume all university operations in our lecture halls, laboratories, and offices. And make sure we are safe and protected when doing so. This is only possible if our community is vaccinated, tested, or has recovered from the coronavirus.”