Technische Universität Berlin

Phase 2: University Operation under Pandemic Conditions

Access to buildings

Access to buildings is only possible via the main entrances. Only those buildings with information desks may be entered via these points and upon presentation of staff or student ID.

Buildings without information desks will remain locked. Staff performing essential work which can only be undertaken on campus can continue to access buildings and rooms using electronic keys. Instructors teaching practical format classes in these buildings must ensure that participants enter and exit buildings in accordance with hygiene protocols (e.g. by organizing their collection from entrance areas and accompanying them off the premises at the end of classes).

No special passes are required. If you need to enter buildings and are not in possession of a valid staff or student ID, please contact Campus Management as soon as possible.

Requirement to wear masks and issue of FFP2 masks

The requirement to wear a mask continues to apply on the entire campus. As of now, regulations require FFP2 masks to be worn in a number of places and situations. This does not include work in offices, so that you may continue to wear a surgical mask.

TU Berlin will provide the following staff and students with FFP2 masks:

  • Staff who need to be in a room with others for reasons of occupational health and safety.
  • Staff working in units where it is not possible to observe minimum distancing.
  • Teaching staff and students taking part in practical format classes.

Masks can be collected from the Hygiene Storage Facility. One mask will be issued per day per person, or two masks per day per person for those doing physical work. A supply for one week will be issued. Masks may be reused if not worn for several consecutive days. Please refer to the information provided or linked by SDU regarding occupational safety under coronavirus conditions and the use and reuse of FFP2 masks.

Masks can also be collected by a single person on behalf of others (e.g. an instructor for all participants in a practical format class or a colleague for an entire academic chair.)

Working from home / working on campus

All work not absolutely requiring the presence of staff on campus must be completed from home. No exceptions are permitted. We kindly ask you to organize procedures to permit as much work as possible to be done by staff working from home. Only such work as is absolutely necessary and which cannot be undertaken by staff working from home may be performed in offices, labs, or workshops at TU Berlin. The final decision rests with the relevant supervisors.

Only work essential for maintaining operations in research, teaching and administration is to be regarded as absolutely necessary. 

If you need to work on campus (i.e. your work is essential and cannot be completed at home), please be aware of the following:

  • Irrespective of its size, only one person may work in an office or enclosed space at a time. 
  • Exceptions are only permitted where occupational safety requires the simultaneous presence of more than one person.
  • To avoid direct contact, please refrain from delivering documents in person. This applies for all units within the central administration. Please use email or interoffice mail when necessary.

Negative rapid tests and self-tests do not entitle staff whose duties do not absolutely require their presence to return to working on campus. Tests (see following section) may only be used to ensure the safety of those actually required to work on campus.


There will be no changes to the services provided by the Central University Administration. Please be aware, however, that there may be delays in processing requests and applications as a result of staff working from home, the increased measures within phase 2 (one person per office and the resulting alternating shift system) as well as staff taking time off for homeschooling and childcare. We thank you for your cooperation. For details please read the information letter from 22 January 2021.

Trainees and apprentices

Effective immediately, TU Berlin trainees are no longer required to be present on campus, with the exception of trainees in practical fields where working from home is not possible and work continues to take place on site. In these cases, trainees may take part in face-to-face operations under observation of the hygiene regulations. Trainees are required to contact their trainers by email or telephone to discuss which work and tasks they can do from home.

Research, appointment committees

Research operations may continue to be conducted on campus. Academic chairs are requested to check whether it makes sense to develop a cohort system (dividing staff into at least two groups working at different times or days to avoid contact between them) as a way to ensure that research can continue to operate. Supervisors are required to draw up staff deployment schedules. During phase 2, academic chairs are also requested to prepare for phase 3, during which they may be required to power down their research facilities to safety mode.

In the future, appointment committees are only to meet in virtual formats; a legal basis for this is currently being drafted. We will keep you informed.

Studying / Teaching

We have taken the decision to only offer limited face-to-face written examinations dependent on the number of registered participants. In detail, this means:

  • Face-to-face written exams with up to 20 participants can take place as scheduled.
  • Face-to-face written exams with up to 50 participants can be held using 2-3 rooms with no more than 20 participants per room. innoCampus will contact instructors whose exams have up to 50 registered participants and provide examination rooms where possible.
  • Written exams with more than 50 participants may not take place face-to-face.

Oral examinations:
This format is a possibility for exams with fewer participants. However, it generally requires changing the examination date to accommodate individual appointments over several days. Face-to-face oral examinations under observance of hygiene regulations are possible. However, an online solution is to be prioritized. We are confident that we will have clarified all questions concerning data protection within the next two weeks so that Zoom can be used for online oral exams.

More information can be found online.


International students / visiting scholars

TU Berlin continues to welcome international students and visiting scholars. However, the University does not assume the costs associated with any possible period of self-isolation. We request faculties to make visiting scholars and free movers aware of this situation and arrange individual solutions with the Department of International Affairs where appropriate.


In its information letter of 12 March 2021, the Crisis Committee informed you that excursions would not be permitted until further notice. However, the committee has now approved certain exceptions on the basis of hygiene protocols and organizational concepts. In view of their importance for certain degree programs, excursions may, with immediate effect, be undertaken under the following conditions:

  • The excursion is mandatory for the degree program.
  • The destination is within Berlin/Brandenburg.
  • Participants make their own way to and from the destination under observation of the coronavirus regulations which apply in Berlin or Brandenburg.
  • The excursion takes place outdoors.
  • The excursion is for one day only (no overnight stays).
  • A hygiene and protection concept is drawn up in line with the standard concept provided by the SDU for labs, etc. (description of journey to and from destination, excursion procedure, working materials, regulations regarding distancing, hygiene, and wearing masks, track and tracing, instructing participants); quick access 129432.
  • All participants present the organizers a current negative coronavirus rapid test result (not more than 24 hours old).
  • The maximum number of participants is 20.
  • If necessary, participants are divided into groups/teams of 5 on site.

If all these conditions are met, the academic chair or research group may conduct the excursion on its own authority. However, the faculty service center must be informed in advance. Please note that this does not replace the requirement to obtain approval via the faculty, which applies for some faculties.

This regulation applies until further notice and is dependent on developments regarding the pandemic as well legal regulations.


Beginning 4 June 2021, study spaces will be available in the University Library for TU Berlin and UdK members (with prior booking). Further information

Mail services

The mail service will operate as normal. Packages will be re-routed to the mail unit in Building Z. Packages arriving here will be delivered by the TU Berlin courier service to the addressee in their office at the University. If after several attempts, it is not possible to contact anyone at the office or by telephone to arrange delivery, the package will be kept in the Mail Room for collection by the addressee. This applies to all packages, except chemicals, with a maximum weight of 31.5 kg and a maximum size of 120 x 60 x 60 cm. As the delivery companies do not always follow the information provided on posters throughout the University regarding the delivery of packages to the Mail Room, we request you to provide the following delivery address throughout the period of restricted operations:

Technische Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 135
Zentrale Poststelle Geb. Z
z.H. [Title][ Last name] [Office code or staff code]
10623 Berlin

Please also be aware that larger or heavier packages, major deliveries (e.g. large-scale equipment, palettes, and dangerous goods), as well as packages with chemicals must be delivered directly and signed for by you. Please make suitable arrangements with the delivery company and inform the relevant information desk at TU Berlin. The Mail Room is unable to accept or re-route such deliveries.

TU Sport

NEW as of 14 June 2021
With the current relaxations, sports activities are picking up speed again.

For all those who prefer to train at home in the current situation, the online program will continue.

Boat house

Attention water fans! The boat house, idyllically situated on the Stößensee, will reopen on 14 June. First up will be the rent service (Segeln, Paddeln, Rudern) und SUPs.

On 18 June, water sports courses will start again, provided that the situation continues to improve. Registration is open now. It is expected that the test obligation will be dropped from this date for all outdoor offers.

Start of the first indoor courses

On 21 June, the first indoor courses are expected to start. Registration for the limited course spots is now open. The full range of courses can be found under Sportprogramm von A-Z.

These and other courses are finally back:

Please note the current contact and hygiene rules before booking.

ATTENTION: On 18 June, the test obligation for outdoor sports will probably be dropped. Therefore, more outdoor activities are available as well, e.g. Bogenschießen, Fußball and Parkour.

Fitness Studio

As of 4 June, the fitness studio has reopened. Please note: Sign up for freies Training AND book a training slot. More information about the current conditions can be found on the TU Sport homepage - Fitness-Studio.

Yoga session for free – 21 June

21 June ist International Yoga Day. To celebrate, TU Sport offers a free online yoga session from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. You can expect a beneficial mix of strengthening and relaxation.

The link to the Zoom Meeting will be published on the TU Sport homepage.