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Coronavirus: Important Information for All Members of TU Berlin

University operations under pandemic conditions

Several legal regulations as well as University guidelines are in place to help combat the global coronavirus pandemic. On the basis of these regulations, the TU Berlin Executive Board has developed specific details and measures for our University.

All details will be published and regularly updated here.

Which regulations are currently in place at TU Berlin?

The expiration of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Regulations on 26 May represents a further step in relaxing restrictions regarding the coronavirus pandemic. This relaxed approach to fighting and managing the virus has been evident this past spring. Unfortunately, however, the pandemic is not over yet. In a joint press release, the Senate Department for Science, Health, Care, and Equality and the presidents of Berlin universities (LKRP) published their recommendations for the upcoming months. Effective 26 May, the following rules apply at TU Berlin:

The following rules apply in particular

Medical masks strongly recommended in TU Berlin buildings

Masks provide highly effective protection against infection, both for the wearer and others. As such, TU Berlin continues to recommend all persons wear a medical mask (preferably an FFP2 mask) in all University buildings.

Revised hygiene regulations

These hygiene regulations are the basic protective measures for infection protection against the coronavirus in University operations. They are developed on the basis of the general risk assessment for TU Berlin and have been revised to reflect the most current state and federal regulations. We ask that you please observe these.

Coronavirus Crisis Committee dissolved

The Coronavirus Crisis Committee will be discontinuing its work upon the expiration of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. The committee was established by the Executive Board at the onset of the pandemic. In over 100 meetings it has taken important decisions with the aim of preventing the University from becoming an infection hot spot, a mission it has successfully achieved. The Executive Board thanks all the committee members and advisors for their efforts. It will continue to assess the situation and will regularly review whether the jointly agreed regulations with regards to the pandemic require amending.

Scientific gatherings and events

The updated regulations can be found at this website.

University members and students are further expressly requested to:

  • observe hygiene regulations at all times
  • remain home when displaying cold symptoms
  • regularly test (this includes vaccinated and recovered individuals)
  • avoid unnecessary contact
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Coronavirus Vaccination

Technische Universität Berlin offers vaccinations against the coronavirus in cooperation with a vaccination service point. This offer applies to TU Berlin staff and students.

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Infection Chain Case Management

The aim of infection chain case management is to ensure transparent reporting procedures in the event of a positive coronavirus test. Several scenarios are described to help you act quickly and appropriately.

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Hygiene Regulations

All persons on the campus or in the buildings of TU Berlin are required to comply with and implement the following hygiene regulations. This also applies to external persons and businesses.

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