Climate Action Task Force

The Climate Action Task Force (CATF) was set up in May 2020 as part of the process of developing the joint climate protection agreement between TU Berlin and the State of Berlin. The CATF is a working group of the vice president for sustainability, internal communication, transfer, and transdisciplinarity and brings together the work undertaken at TU Berlin in the area of climate protection. Among its core tasks are the implementation, monitoring, and development of the measures contained in the climate protection agreement. The main units and actors involved in or responsible for different aspects of climate protection at the University are represented in the CATF. These include professors with particular expertise in relevant areas. The CATF meets every four weeks.

Climate protection agreement

TU Berlin and the State of Berlin signed a joint climate protection agreement in September 2021. This was the result of a comprehensive participative process dating back to January 2019. By signing the agreement, TU Berlin has committed to reducing its direct and indirect CO2emissions by at least 25 percent by 2030. The agreement covers the following topics with the involvement of various academic chairs and research groups, administrative units, and students:

  • Building and technical measures
  • Renewable energies
  • Mobility
  • Digitalization
  • Teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and networking
  • Organization
  • Climate offsets and climate impact adaptation

Measures include the expansion of photovoltaic installations, the development of a bicycle-friendly infrastructure, and the integration of sustainability-related content into all degree programs. The creation of a climate neutrality path, which is also included in the catalog of measures, will help ensure the implementation and further development of the climate protection agreement and pave the way for carbon neutrality. The agreement also includes a deadline for achieving carbon neutrality.

Members (in alphabetical order)

Karola BastiniChair of Sustainability Accounting and Management Control
Nadine BattistaAdvisor Campus Charlottenburg
Sophia BeckerVice President for Sustainability, Internal Communication, Transfer, and Transdisciplinarity
Uta GliemHead of Executive Office
Christiane LünskensPersonal assistant to the vice president for education, digitalization, and sustainability
Barbara MünchHead of Energy Management
Jonathan NestlerHead of Strategic Space Management
Jörg RomanskiTU Berlin environmental officer
Martina SchäferScientists for Future
Finn SchwedenFridays for Future TU Berlin
René VonauDepartment IV Building and Services Management
Gabriele WendorfChair of the Council for Sustainable Development at TU Berlin
Michael WilmesClimate Change Center

CATF organizational responsibility


Prof. Dr.

Sophia Becker

Vice President for Sustainability, Internal Communication, Transfer, and Transdisciplinarity

+49 (0)30 314-24286


Caya Prill

Coordinator for climate protection and sustainability

+49 (0)30 314-21690