What is Technische Universität Berlin Doing?

The Fridays for Future movement has made it clear that society has to take action. This begins with politics but also applies to individuals as well as organizations, both in the commercial and educational sectors. The Executive Board of the University began to align itself closely with the goals of the Fridays for Future movement in summer 2019. The movement is pursuing the right objectives, is important for our future and has now become very much an active part of TU Berlin.

Technische Universität Berlin is committed to using its resources in a responsible manner and is currently pursuing the following fields of action:

  • delivering research findings on climate protection and the climate crises
  • initiating new research projects and professorships to address climate protection  
  • working with the public and representatives of the civil society to help advance climate protection projects 
  • supporting the inclusion of climate protection themes in teaching and student projects
  • developing the University as an organization dedicated to climate protection
  • pursuing agenda setting in public life to raise awareness of climate protection, to bring about political action, and achieve acceptance of the Fridays for Future movement as well as acceptance of scientific facts.   

TU Berlin has established an excellent foundation to build on in achieving these aims:

  • Since 2014, the Executive Board has included a vice president for sustainability.
  • TU Berlin has also established a Council for Sustainable Development to advise the Executive Board and the Academic Senate and foster sustainable projects.
  • The principle of sustainable development is enshrined in the University Charter.
  • There are more than 400 research projects dedicated to sustainability and climate change.
  • Many of the University´s 150 degree programs are either in the area of sustainability or include modules on sustainability to help prepare highly qualified graduates for the labor market.
  • The University has been running a major project for a carbon-free campus since 2016.
  • TU Berlin and its representatives take part in demonstrations, liaise with journalists and politicians, run join-in projects during the Long Night of the Sciences and take part in initiatives, such as forgoing air travel.

In pursuing these measures, TU Berlin is also making an important contribution to the development of Berlin as a climate-friendly region.